About Split Visions.

Unique expertise
in visual communication

Our goal is and has always been that our customers should be able to utilize our high-tech meeting services and at the same time gain access to the market's best products - without having to invest time and resources themselves in pursuit of the perfect solution. By guaranteeing you the right solution at the lowest possible cost, we make it easy for our customers to focus on what is important. That is, the meeting and the streamlining of your own business!

A Swedish company

Split Visions are certified LifeSize Expert Partners, Avaya Professional Sales Specialists and Vidyo Premier Resellers - as well as certified resellers of Polycom. We started our business in 2009 and are today located in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Oslo, Norway and Varberg (HK). Since 2014, we are also a framework contract supplier for Kammarkollegiet in the area of Digital Meetings.


Split Visions started in 2010 in Varberg. The market was relatively static and many customers experienced major problems using a basically good technology. It was difficult, technically complicated and demanded large investments. Instead, we chose to start from the user, who really just wanted to be able to hold effective distance meetings, without having to take resources from the IT department or the technically interested. We also saw great potential in being able to deliver high-quality communication in High Definition (HD) in order to be able to seriously replace the physical meeting. We chose to focus only on visual communication, which we were alone about then, and are still alone today. Over the years, we have recruited staff with solid, long-standing knowledge of visual communication, which has given us cutting-edge expertise and a deep understanding of the market, the technology and the needs of our customers.

In 2011, we opened offices in Stockholm. As a result, we were able to seriously begin processing the entire Stockholm region in a good way, which generated a large number of new customers, both within Sweden and globally.
In 2013, we recruited additional staff and opened an office in Gothenburg.
In 2018, we took a big step from being a Swedish supplier, to expanding our business in Norway

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Are you interested in distance meetings and visual communication? Use us! That's what we do!

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