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Our cloud services

Since the purpose of visual communication is to facilitate and streamline meetings between the parties, we see it as a matter of course that it must be very easy to implement these meetings. With our brand-independent cloud services, you can smoothly participate in a meeting, or invite your customers and partners - regardless of platform, current or without solution.


Flexible platform-independent client solutions specially adapted for mobile users. Connect via our client, Skype or Microsoft Teams.

The client solutions are fully scalable, "grow as you grow" as usage increases.


A complete package for high-quality meetings in 4K, for distance participants as well as meeting rooms.

Of course, integrated with all functions in "Client".


The ultimate solution for global companies who want video-friendly the entire organization.

This means clients, conference room solutions, huddle rooms and integrations with other platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Skype.

Opportunities with our services:

Our cloud services are constantly evolving. We base our service offering on well-proven technology, from the largest manufacturers globally, offering our customers tailor-made, reliable communication solutions.

From all units

Connect to our services via traditional video conferencing systems (eg Cisco, Tandberg, Polycom, Lifesize, Avaya etc) via your iPad or Android tablet / mobile, via your PC or Mac in combination with clients and mobile app, WebRTC or a regular phone call. If you would rather use your Skype client or Microsoft Teams, it goes great. No matter where you are, or whatever device you have in front of you, meeting face to face has never been easier.

Join wherever you are

Whether you are in a coffee shop, at an airport or a hotel room, it should be easy to participate in a video meeting. Our cloud service makes it possible to connect at very low bandwidths with high quality even under conditions that are not perfect. At the same time as we minimize bandwidth, we also increase the quality from Skype and Microsoft Team users.

In the meeting room

Visual communication is not just crystal clear sound and image. The technology today works as a marketplace that allows people to meet. It is the meeting that is important, the sense of community and a well-executed work. Cloud services can easily be integrated with other conference room solutions such as projectors, smartboards, control systems and touch screens. Share documents, show each other, work in applications or brainstorm ideas on a whiteboard.

With new equipment

When our customers come to us, they are getting to know the jungle of products, manufacturers and services covered by the word "video conference". Split Visions has many years of experience in guiding our customers in purchasing, implementation and follow-up. We always start from the customer's business, how the usage looks and how to communicate in the future and recommend the optimal solution in the market in terms of user-friendliness, functionality, simplicity, quality, accessibility, mobility, service and support.

Mass communication

More and more companies and organizations need to come out with important information to a larger group within the company or externally. This is used, for example, in education, lectures, quarterly reports or the like. Split Visions provides the market's most powerful service for live streaming and recording. With a simple push of a button you can activate the function and send out to all the invited people. Participants connect to the broadcast via a link that works on PC, Mac, iPhone / Android devices. Of course, there is the possibility for the audience to communicate via chat back to the person who broadcasts the live streaming.

With existing equipment

Many companies have already invested large sums in video conferencing equipment. Many companies have a communication policy, such as Skype, Microsoft Teams, Cisco, Poly, etc., which one has a habit of using, and feels comfortable with. Through Split Vision's service integrations, the companies can continue to work with existing solutions, while adding added value that solves many of the problems that normally exist. We increase the sound and picture quality, minimize bandwidth, make visual communication available on all devices and platforms within the organization. This without the user having to change his / her way of working for eg bookings or the like.

For everyone

Traditionally, visual communication has been about cutting back on travel within one's company and holding internal meetings. Today it is just as much about meeting their customers, business partners or suppliers. External parties who already have existing equipment easily connect to our services. At the same time, our customers can always send an invitation link to external contacts who do not have their own equipment, which enables them to be via a client.

Invitations are free, so send as many as you like!

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